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Acne Treatments When General Skincare Isn’t Enough

Acne Treatments When General Skincare Isn’t Enough

When the best personal beauty routine, over-the-counter “remedies”, and the latest face steamer haven’t solved your persistent acne problem, it may be time to consider a better alternative. Most over-the-counter acne solutions are designed to address mild symptoms, and oftentimes, end up becoming a waste of money while causing more issues. 

Even if your facial cleansing routine is sort of helping with the acne, generic products may leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Instead of leaving the health and clarity of your skin up to questionable ingredients and ineffective general skincare, we’re devoted to improving acne care with a highly-personalized approach to lasting skin health and brighter clarity.

Discover Treatments Tailored to You

When you partner with our professional acne dermatologist in Philadelphia, developing a skin-specific plan of care is the foundation of our success as acne prevention experts. We don’t simply subscribe to a topical medication and hope that it works; we take the time to understand your unique skin properties, evaluate other factors that may be causing the acne, and address the root of your skin issues with treatment options that are safe and effective.

Our recommendations are simple to use and individually selected based on your specific skin characteristics. We are here to help you achieve clear and healthy skin. After continuing to share customized solutions to achieve your skincare goals, we offer ongoing guidance and support.

Approved Medications Are Often the Best Acne Solution

If topical remedies are ineffective, our board-certified, black dermatologist in Philadelphia will compare a variety of medication options that may provide more beneficial results. With any prescription acne treatment, the safety and overall health of our patients is our number one priority. We focus on treatment solutions that have fewer side effects and a greater likelihood of reducing your unwanted symptoms. 

Schedule a Flexible Appointment to Explore Your Options

Our professional approach to long-term skincare and proven results begins with our compassionate and understanding dermatology practice. We know that acne issues can be a sensitive subject, and we do our best to create a welcoming and helpful environment that naturally reduces stress. 

From the first appointment to the best follow-up care in the skincare industry, you can expect our supportive dermatologists to involve you in the process and provide a customized care plan for properly managed skincare. Our open-door policy makes it easy to receive help if you ever have any questions or concerns. Helping our clients heal from within is our passion, and if you could benefit from a safe, reliable, and proven acne solution, we would be glad to develop a personalized solution with you.