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Tips To Protect Your Skin This Summer

Tips To Protect Your Skin This Summer 

Summer weather means more of your skin is exposed to UV rays and outdoor elements. While there’s no denying the need to stay cool in the heat, you also need to protect your skin from damage that comes from the environment. If you don’t protect your skin, you may see issues such as dark spots, signs of premature aging, patches of dry skin, and other inflammatory skin conditions. The following tips will help you keep your skin healthy and glowing over the summer months and reduce the potential for lasting skin damage.

Use Sunscreen at All Times

Always use sunscreen on sun-exposed skin and remember to re-apply every two hours. When it comes to your face, you may reapply sunscreen by using a foundation or covering product that has a minimum SPF of 30 for example powder brush on sunscreen, sunscreen stick, SPF cream, or lotion application for adequate protection. A dermatologist in Lansdale, PA can provide professional recommendations with an SPF level that is best for your skin. 

Moisturize Frequently

Moisturizing your skin in the summer is important because the sun, heat, and exposure to air conditioning can lead to dehydration and dryness. Getting into this habit helps you stay ahead of dry skin and the problems that can arise as a result. All skin types need moisture, but some need more intense moisture than others. You can learn more about how to take care of your specific skin type from our Philadelphia-based dermatologist.

Give Your Skin a Break

Frequent hot showers or baths can have a negative impact on your skin. Soaking in a hot bath for a long time is a pleasure, but it also removes the necessary oils and can strip your skin of moisture. Shortening your bath or shower time, or turning down the water temperature, can help your skin retain moisture. 

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Because alcohol is a diuretic, it can cause severe dehydration. Dehydration is an external and internal problem that causes your skin to become dehydrated. Monitoring your alcohol consumption lets you have a good time and also keeps your skin looking great.

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