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5 Ways To Prepare for Your Dermatology Appointment

5 Ways To Prepare for Your Dermatology Appointment

Getting ready for a new dermatology appointment can be overwhelming. You want to get the most out of your appointment to ensure that your skincare is taken to the next level, but where do you start? We have five tips to help you prepare for your appointment to ensure you get the most out of it.

1. Don’t Wear Makeup or Nail Polish

It can be hard for your dermatologist to get an accurate understanding of your skin if you’ve covered any part of it with makeup. For example, if the area of concern is on your face and you have layers of foundation on your skin, it makes it challenging for the dermatologist to understand the extent and severity of your skin condition. 

In addition, your nails can reveal a lot about your overall health.  Not only can skin cancer affect the nails, nail changes are also often a sign of underlying systemic and/or skin disease. As such, the dermatologist will need to see your hands and feet free of nail polish to truly perform a full skin examination.

2. Wear Loose Clothing

Depending on the location of your skin condition, the dermatologist may need to have you remove some clothing to get a close look at the area(s) affected. You can make this evaluation a lot easier by wearing loose-fitted clothing.

3. Bring Your Skincare Products With You

When you bring your skincare products to your dermatology appointment, your doctor can see exactly what ingredients you are using on your skin and determine if any products are making your skin condition worse, or alternatively, which products should be continued. Further, you should bring any prescription treatments, past and present, for the doctor to see.  By thoroughly evaluating your current skincare regimen, you and your dermatologist can design a treatment plan that is clear and easy to follow.

4. Prepare All Your Questions

It can be very easy to forget everything you wanted to ask as soon as you walk into the exam room. Making a list of questions before you head to the dermatology office is a great way to ensure you are fully prepared for your appointment.

5. Compile All Essential Information About Your Condition

While you know all the important details about your condition, it can be easy to leave something crucial out during an appointment. As such, it will be helpful to provide the doctor with a list of previous treatments that didn’t work, the frequency of the episodes and what triggered them, and any other valuable information (e.g., labwork, biopsy results). If the condition is not very prominent during your visit, having good pictures of the flares will help your doctor have insight into your condition.

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